Plague Water

The bubonic plague is still a thing. It occurs naturally on all continents except Australia, and there have been 50,000 human cases during the last 20 years, causing the World Health Organization to classify it as a re-emerging disease. Lucky … Read More

How To Bow

Back in Baroque days there was a lot of bowing, and it wasn’t even called bowing, it was called ‘a reverence.’ How to Reverence In “Rules for Dancing” (or Nobilta di Dame) written by Fabritio Caroso in 1600, we … Read More


Fumaria officinalis Public Domain, Link I’ve got fumitory growing in the disgraceful thicket which is my lawn… apparently it’s great for leprosy, scabs, and the juice dropped into the eyes clears the sight and takes away redness and other defects, … Read More

What is The Baroque?

What is The Baroque? Well its a period, in history… a cultural period. By Johannes VermeerPublic Domain, Link Simply put, it comes after the Renaissance. Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer were a thing in the art world, as was Vivaldi in … Read More

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